Stanford Webinar - Design Thinking = Method, Not Magic


There is a lots of hype and buzz about Design Thinking in the organizations in the recent past, though the concept and the practice isn't new; but has been there for at least last few years. As much as there are people talk about it, there are also too much stuff written about the concept in various media. In researching about the topic, in an attempt to learn what's this hype about, one of the most useful resource I came across was this YouTube Video that was posted exactly two years ago by University of Stanford. The content is easy to understand and remember. That's said, not too sure it is easy to put in practice in the organizations, in particular in larger organizations. When discussed about the Process, the video quotes, Peter Drucker,

Culture eats Process for Lunch.

This could possibly be very true, specially in the large organizations in which you have hundreds & thousands of multinational workforces in particular.

Finally, the Goals...

Sorry for the duplicate post from v4. But I, originally wanted to post it here on v5. So, here we go

Since last 2-3 weeks, we have been busy focussing on getting our goals and PDP 1 sorted out for the day job, in prepping for re-org, that was announced early December 2018. Several drafts were done in various formats like word & excel and emails were sent back & forth. That's said, from the word go, I consulted a colleague from L &T 2 to get some tips for putting together the PDP.

The 1st one to one meeting with the boss to discuss the PDP was held on January 21st, 2019 and a couple of more things were added as a result. Long story short, in the end, agreed Goals & PDP documents were emailed to the boss earlier this afternoon and also everything was entered on to the corporate software application. So, it's all done.

Now, to get on with everything that has been put on as Goals - both for the day job as well as for Personal Development. I can see next few months are going to be extremely busy, not only keeping up with of my own on top of day to day work & projects, but also making sure goals & PDP progress of my direct reports.

In the PDP journey, I will also have to complete a significant number of on-line training courses, to bring my knowledge and skills up to speed in the following areas, document Key Learning Points and Application in the Day Job. All of these will have to be completed by April 30th, 2019!

  • Operations Management Foundations

  • Operations Excellence Foundations

  • Lean Foundations

  • Lean Six-Sigma Foundations

  • Process Improvement Foundations

  • Leading Effectively

  • Negotiations Foundations

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Finance for Non Finance Managers

  1. Personal Development Plans

  2. Learning & Talent Department